I’ve been so busy lately, yall know by the last post date stamp… lol!… Well lately I’ve been passing some jobs that are not in my field of work to freelancers & damnn it was frustrating. I get people that won’t answer calls, won’t reply sms, late on delivery, went AWOL, irresponsible, lazy, etc. Where are all the good freelancers like me in Malaysia? Ah anyway, I gotta get back to work but below are some of my latest work…. I’ll show some animation work next time yeah… I know website is boring

Freelancers Sucks!

One thought on “Freelancers Sucks!

  • August 31, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    hey what’s up. Nice work you got here. I’m new to this field, and I just wanted to ask what are the chances and opportunities do people like us-animators/ storyboard writers/ creative directors-have in Malaysia? Maybe I should look for opportunities elsewhere? I self learned and did not go to a proper college or institution. Would you kindly share some experiences, the ups and downs? Thanks.

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